3 Ways to Maintain Your Cheer Fitness at the Beach Over Summer Break

by omni

Some cheerleaders are blessed with having the beach in their own backyard, others travel to it as part of a summertime family vacation. Either way, the beach is one of the best summer destinations to head to! While you enjoy the water and the waves, you may notice that going to the beach can be an all-day endeavor‚ leaving little room for exercise once you leave! You also may be zapped of energy to do so, even if you do have time, as a result of getting too much sun. Therefore, in order to avoid becoming behind on your fitness routine, cheerleaders should multitask if they opt for a beach day. And, it’s easier than you think! Try these three activities with your family and friends to incorporate a bit of exercise into your next relaxing beach day. 1. Beach volleyball. Who doesn’t love volleyball in the sand? Most beaches have designated volleyball areas, so you don’t have to bring anything but the ball and your buddies. Play two-on-two, or a full game of four-on-four if you have enough people! Between the diving and jumping, you work your leg muscles, and your arms are covered through serves and spikes. Bump some jams on a portable speaker to set the soundtrack, and engage in some friendly competition under the sun! If you happen to live near a beach, you might as well start or join a community rec team to play on the regular. Just don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen every two hours in between sets! 2. Throw around a Frisbee or football. The beach is a long stretch of land‚ use it to your advantage! Take a ball or Frisbee to your next beach outing and throw it around. Unless you’re a cheerleader and also play in the NFL, chances are you’re going to be running for the ball quite a bit. These short sprints in the sand are great to build up your endurance, since they get your heart pumping! If you get enough people together, perhaps schedule a game of two-hand-touch or Ultimate Frisbee in a less-populated stretch of the beach. Just make sure you don’t bother other beach-goers as you play and cheer your team on to victory. 3. Surfing. Okay, if you’re not living at the beach, you might not have grown up in the water, strapped to a surfboard. That doesn’t mean that you can’t learn, because surfing is great exercise! Have you ever seen a fat surfer? If you have, it’s pretty rare. Now, if you’re on vacation with your family, there usually are surf shops in beach towns where you can rent a board and rash guard (unless it’s early summer, in which you might want to lean towards a wetsuit instead). Again, unless you’ve surfed a lot before, opt for a longboard over a shortboard. There are several breaks at any given beach, usually around jetties, cliffs, or piers; the surf shop can point you in the right direction. Once out in the water, the paddling over the wave break alone is enough to get your cardio up‚ not to mention build your arm strength! That means, if you’re a base, surfing over the summer is an awesome way to get in shape to lift your flyers in the fall! Plus, a long day in the ocean will burn off a lot of calories. Make sure to hydrate after your surf sessions, because between the sun and the salt water, you’ve unknowingly dehydrated yourself more than you normally do as you exercised! What are other ways to maintain your fitness at the beach? Have you invented your own effective beach exercises? Let us know in the comments!

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