Cheerleaders Who Went From the Sidelines to the Big Time

by omni

As a cheerleader, you learn a lot of skills and habits you can use throughout life. Some of these include juggling a busy schedule, staying motivated, and learning intricate combinations. It’s no wonder so many celebrities, politicians, and famous entrepreneurs used to be cheerleaders. Here are just a few cheerleaders who went from the sidelines to the big time. DARLENE CAVALIER. This former Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader started the organization Science Cheerleader. The organization was started in 2006 and is made up of current and former cheerleaders who are involved in science or engineering. Science Cheerleader has helped launch the Philadelphia Science Festival, teach science through cheers, mentor students, host guest lectures, and, of course, cheer and perform at science festivals. CINDY VILLAREAL. A former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, she founded and is the CEO of Cheer Channel Inc., the 24/7 network and producer of some of the best cheerleading web series, including “Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader” and “Cheer Mashup.” KELLY RIPA. Having cheered in her youth, Ripa went on to become a television host and TV personality. When she’s not hosting, she’s producing! Ripa is the producer of the CMT reality TV show, “Cheer!” KATIE COURIC and DIANE SAWYER. Both are internationally recognized broadcast journalists and both are former high school cheerleaders. MERYL STREEP and STEVE MARTIN (and Sally Field, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Michael Douglas, and Jennifer Lawrence). All of these incredible actors and actresses were cheerleaders before they won their Oscars! FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan are all former presidents and former cheerleaders. Of course we can’t forget the latest cheerleaders who’ve hit the big time as…cheerleaders! These Superstars of the All-Stars include Cami Branson, Gabi Butler, Kiara Nowlin, Whitney Love, Holden Ray, Dee Temples, Whitney Sharpe, Carly Manning, and Maison Baker. Last, but certainly not least is perhaps the biggest cheerleader of the moment: MADDIE GARDNER. A Worlds-winning, cheerleading superstar, she cheers for of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, hosts the Cheer Channel web series “Cheer Mashup,” has her own practice wear line, and is the new face of leading cheer apparel company Chasse! Can you name any other famous cheerleaders? Who is your favorite famous cheerleader?

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