Myth Busted: Cheerleaders are Snobs

by omni

A myth we’ve seen in a lot of movies and TV shows is the cheerleader as a stuck up snob. The cheerleading squad is sometimes portrayed as mean – bullying non-cheerleaders and judging “uncool” students. We hate this stereotype because it’s not true. In order to bust this myth, we’re here to provide a few facts: #1: School Bullies Take Multiple Shapes and Forms The myth of cheerleaders as snobs is related to the other myth that all cheerleaders are popular. Many people think that the “popular kids” at school are also bullies. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes this is true. Some popular students are also bullies, but not all of them are. There are also “non-popular” students who are bullies. In middle and high school, bullies take various shapes and forms. While we hope that, as more awareness is spread, bullying will decrease, for now we have to understand that girls and boys of all popularity levels can be a bully. #2: One Person Doesn’t Represent an Entire Group One of the hard parts about being on a team is that one person’s actions can affect the entire group’s reputation. So, if one cheerleader at your school is a snob, students may think the entire squad is snobbish. #3: Don’t Mistake Shyness for Snobbery Just because someone is a cheerleader doesn’t mean he or she is outgoing and extroverted. Some cheerleaders are introverted and shy. Some people read quietness as snobbery – since the person doesn’t talk a lot to others, it can be misread as that person thinking he or she is better than everyone else. #4: Cheerleaders Spread Positivity, Not Negativity A big reason the snobbery stereotype is wrong is because a cheerleader’s role is to promote positivity, not negativity! Many cheerleaders are naturally spirited and their goal is to raise everyone’s spirits; not bring them down. Also, because cheerleaders are on a team, they’re used to group work and understand the value of teamwork, as opposed to individual actions. #5: Cheerleaders Love Their Community Finally, another way to prove the myth wrong is by looking at the many cheerleaders and squads who are involved with their community. We’ve shared countless stories of cheerleaders giving back to those in need – holding fundraisers and donating to community programs. In this case, cheerleaders are anything but snobs! They’re helping those they can, usually on weekends when others are hanging out with friends. We continue to be amazed by cheerleaders’ donations and fundraisers, many of which promote inclusiveness. Have you heard this myth before? How else can it be proved wrong?

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