The June Cheerleading News You Don’t Want to Miss

by omni

The first month of summer has already come and gone, and hopefully the last two months won’t fly by so quick! Over the last month, you’ve probably been enjoying the company of your friends and family, doing all the prime summertime activities. You only get a limited time to have fun in the sun! Summer is a great time for cheerleaders, too, since it’s time to assimilate to your new team after tryouts, head to camp to sharpen your cheer skills, and get on top of your physical fitness while away from school. Plus, it’s time for personal hobbies, social events, and community service! There’s always something to do. While you’re staying busy, there’s been a lot happening in the cheer world as well! Here is a recap of the June news you don’t want to miss. To all the high school graduates, congratulations! You’ve made it! As you celebrate, you may be wondering how you will continue cheering now that you’ve aged out. Don’t stress, you have options! CheerLiving Magazine dedicated a whole episode of their web series to cheerleaders facing this tough dilemma! Know that you don’t have to hang up your cheer shoes for good, because there are ways to cheer after high school. Watch “Cheering After High School ” here. Summer is spent primarily outdoors, which is a good thing! However, with outside practices, cheerleaders are subject to the danger of high temperatures while they workout. To stay safe, cheerleaders have to take certain precautions in order to avoid heatstroke and stay healthy. There are many ways to beat the heat in the summertime, but sometimes, you have to just endure it. Read this guide on “How to Avoid Heat Stroke When Practicing Outdoors ” before it gets too hot out there! Team ordering can be stressful, especially when it comes to large orders. With bulk ordering, there are always package options that are not only easier to manage, but also usually include freebies and free shipping! Most cheer retailers offer packages for their gear, but we have officially took it one step further: you now can order customizable team packages online‚ without having to call it in!! Talk about saving time on your team order‚ Complete your entire order online for practice wear, uniform, accessories, warmups, and cosmetic packages today. Let’s hear it for cheer dads! Father’s Day has come and went, but cheer dads need appreciation more than just one day a year. They contribute to cheer teams all year long, and most face a lot of inaccurate stereotypes as they do. It’s not a surprise that the cheerleading world is predominantly female, so cheer dads get the short end of the stick when it comes to things like team decisions or getting their little cheerleader competition-ready. It’s time we spread the word that “There Are More Dads Involved in Cheerleading Than You Think “! Do you know of other cheer news that isn’t listed? We want to know about it! Tell us your cheer news in the comments below!

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