Does This Mean Cheer Will Finally Be Considered a Sport?

by omni

Potentially exciting news for cheerleaders! This week, the American Medical Association (AMA), the largest association of doctors, will vote this week to determine whether or not to recognize cheerleading as a sport. As we know, cheerleading is more than just waving pom poms in pleated skirts. However, the NCAA still doesn’t view cheer as a sport, thanks to Title IX. Every year, the AMA holds a meeting to discuss the largest and most concerning debates and topics in the health and medical industry. As concerns regarding cheer injuries grow, this year one of those debates will be regarding cheerleading’s athletic status. The House of Delegates, which is the AMA’s board of voters, will also vote on how sports-related injuries should be decreased and treated. This isn’t the first time doctors have voiced their concerns about cheer-related accidents. In October 2012, The American Academy of Pediatrics agreed that more attention should be paid to cheerleading injuries and that cheerleading should be considered a sport. While cheerleading has introduced better mats and equipment that help prevent injuries, the rate of injuries is still much higher than people would like. For the past 25 years, two-thirds of all high school injuries amongst females is from cheerleading. As we’ve mentioned before, if cheerleading was recognized as an official sport, better safety guidelines and requirements could be set in place to reduce injuries. If the AMA vote does go through, where will this lead? Will the NCAA reconsider cheerleading’s non-sport status or will it continue to argue that cheerleading, even at a competitive level, isn’t a sport? Time will only tell. News source: NPR Do you think cheerleading should be recognized as a sport?

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