Stop Paying Too Much for Your Cheer Gear and Start Ordering in Bulk

by omni

Team ordering can be a hassle, and with all the cheer accessories that cheerleaders need, the entire endeavor can be stressful for coaches. Sure, there are different retailers offering similar products, so you’ve probably already done your research to find what’s best for your team and your budget. After much consideration, you decide that one cheer company with not only in-stock items, but also a lowest price guarantee is the best option for gear. Now that you’ve decided who to order from, you have to ascertain how to order. You’ve collected the sizes, you know that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck, and now all you have to do is checkout your cart online. However, have you considered any extra savings? There are sometimes hidden deals that you don’t know about just by ordering in bulk! Here’s two BIG reasons why bulk orders can save you a bundle: Just placing a bulk order is the easiest way to save instantly. If you gather all the team sizes and order everything together, you usually have a cart that bypasses the cost of shipping and handling. That’s savings right there! And once you place a larger order, you usually find that most cheer companies throw in extra add-ons for free. Some cheer companies advertise free embroidery once you hit a minimum amount in your shopping cart, and that’s a deal you don’t want to miss out on! Imagine that your order for team warmups comes back with personalized names and team logos on the jackets for each cheerleader‚ your squad would be so excited! Plus, you no longer have to explain to your cheer parents that the order cost more to make this happen; talk about a large upgrade for less! So, before you order, ask yourself: is the order applicable to only a few cheerleaders and or would this benefit the whole team? Another big way you can save money by ordering in bulk is through the use of package deals! Cheer companies with in-stock items often put together packages of related products, knowing that cheerleaders usually need to purchase all of those items at some point. Package deals make getting all your cheer essentials easier because the combination pack is discounted from the price that it would cost to order each item individually. For instance, if you need to buy glitter for a competition, you can opt for a glitter makeup package instead. Take our Glitterbug Cosmetics package deal into consideration: you could purchase just the glitter, or you can go for the package deal that includes the glitter dust, but also adhesive jewel stones, customizable stars with your team colors, lip glue, skin and eye glue, and one makeup brush pack with four brushes inside! All of that is only $16.35, talk about getting a bargain! There are uniform packages, warmup packages, accessory packages, practice wear packages‚ you name it, there’s a package deal for it! And since all cheerleaders need the same gear, you can save a bunch of money by buying it all together, bundled and packaged, to be delivered to your door and dispersed to your cheerleaders with just one purchase. See? Purchasing for your team can be easy! Has placing bulk orders saved you a bundle? Do you know other secrets to save? Share your consumer experience with us in the comments!

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