Effective Exercises to Get FIT for Competition Season

by omni

Competition season is finally here! As cheerleaders, we have been practicing all year getting ready for competition season‚ and we are ready to prove we mean business! Who’s with me when I say we are here to win big and make this the best season yet. Now, on a scale of 1-10, how ready are you? Do you feel fit to compete and confident when taking to the mat? We practice and prepare ALL season long, but during that time when you hear your team name being called to take to the mat and those few seconds of s-i-l-e-n-c-e waiting for the music to start, those butterflies start to creep up and unfortunately, can get the best of us. Until now! My name is Danielle Wechsler and I am the fitness trainer for cheerleaders and founder of cheerFIT. I am here to help you get fit to compete and radiate with confidence! As an elite cheerleader and fitness expert, I understand your cheer goals and I know the exercises to get you there! I have personally created your Get Fit to Compete workout‚ complete with the exercises we cheerleaders need to train to be the best. Let’s get started! Follow the workout below ‚ complete each exercise for 60 seconds, repeat 4 times. TUCK JUMPS – this exercise improves endurance and power and gets you read for advanced tumbling. SINGLE LEG BALANCE – this exercise strengthens your core and advances body control for improved stability. TWISTS & SHOUTS – this exercise chisels that middle and gets you in cheer mode. BURPEES -this exercise strengthens your entire body and gives you the confidence to take champ status. And there you go my friends! Now, go get your cheerFIT workout on! Oh, and one more thing: if you want some extra fit tips and workout plans to stay in top cheer shape, check out our Fitness Plans for Cheerleaders. Even more exciting, Omni Cheer Blog readers can use the promo code: OMNI15 and save $15! Now that’s something to cheer about!! (*offer valid until 12/15/15) I hope you enjoyed the workout and good luck at competition ‚ you’ll do great!! Stay FIT!

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