Poll Results: Do Friends & Families Think Cheer Is A Sport?

by omni

Do your friends and family accept cheerleading as a sport? That’s what we asked our readers last month, and the results are in! Check out all the results, from over 200 reader votes! We feel really great about the top answer…because it turns out that 41% of voters have supportive friends and family that consider their cheerleader an athlete that is part of a sport! Cheerleaders are fierce, competitive trainers and performers, and we couldn’t be happier to hear that they are getting the respect that they deserve. Unfortunately, it looks like the cheer world still has some work to do. Coming in at a not-distant-enough-for-us second, with 31% of the vote, was the response that some cheerleaders are still getting made fun of for their choice of “sport’. Rounding out our cheer poll were answers that were more specific, but all together they made up only about 25% of the vote. It seems that people are still hot OR cold on the “is cheerleading a sport” debate. Be sure to take part in our polls every month, and check back for the results!

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