8 GIFs Senior Cheerleaders Will Understand

by omni

Your senior year of high school is an emotional one. You have so much to be excited for, but so much still to get done before the year is over. Then, of course, you have to have at least a general plan for what you’ll do after graduation. This is exciting, but also challenging and potentially overwhelming. Basically, the feelings you experience senior year are all over the place, and there’s just nothing quite like it. So, seniors, rest assured that you’re not alone and you will make it through. In the meantime though, take comfort in these GIFs that explain what you’re going through: First, there’s the excitement. This is especially true at the beginning of the year. You are about to be done with school! After 12 years, it’s finally over! But, wait‚ You’ll miss your friends. And what about cheer? You won’t be on your beloved high school cheer squad anymore! Wow. This isn’t as exciting as you thought it would be. Too much is changing!! Then, there’s the information overload. Everyone has so much advice for you! Teachers, parents, friends, friends of friends, friends’ older siblings, your older siblings, your older siblings’ friends, and‚ especially‚ the Internet. Everywhere you turn there’s something you have to do or know or remember that will affect the rest of your life! So much is at stake. Then you remember the good things again. Like pizza. When you go to college or your next adventure, you will be living under mostly your own rules. That means you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. And go to bed when you want. This will get old and you will regret acting on your crazy whims, but the point is that you can. Plus, you can still stay involved in cheerleading. You can coach, help out at cheer practice on your college breaks, join your college squad, or be a cheer super fan. You’ll find a way! OK, you can do it. It’s time to graduate and take on your next chapter! Seniors, what have been your favorite memories of your last year of high school? What tips do you have for the upcoming seniors on your team? (GIFS from giphy.com)

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