It’s time for Hollywood to take cheerleading seriously

by omni

What’s your favorite cheerleading movie? Bring It On, of course. We are just as obsessed with Bring It On as the next person (OK, maybe more), but if there are any other widely popular movies centered on cheerleading, we aren’t aware of them. Sure, there are some good movies that feature cheerleaders, but not many that are actually about cheerleading. Entertainment Weekly recently pointed this out, lamenting the fact that there are a lot of classic football dramas” “Remember the Titans, Rudy, The Blind Side‚ but no serious cheerleading movies. The cheerleading movies that do exist aren’t generally recognized as good movies by film critics, and the ones that are, like our beloved Bring It On, are comedies. You know what would make a great, inspiring movie about a team coming together and working hard under extreme pressure to find success? Cheerleading. Cheerleading has all the components of a great movie. We don’t have to tell you about the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the sport. That’s the stuff inspiring movies are made of! And then there’s the fact that no matter how good your squad is, a single mistake could end it all. Talk about edge-of-your-seat suspense. Throw in a small-town girl moving to a new school, a squad from the rough side of town trying to compete with the defending champs, or two team members falling in love on their way to the championship, and you’ve got an instant classic. Someday maybe someone in Hollywood will realize the potential of a great cheerleading movie, and it will be listed among the great sports stories with Hoosiers and Rudy. One of our readers could even do it! There are some ways to turn cheer into a career, but if none of those appeal to you, you could use your inside knowledge of cheerleading to make it big as a writer in Hollywood. We’ll be the first in line to see your movie! Do you want to see more great cheerleading movies? What plot lines do you think would make a great cheer movie?

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