How to Prevent Gear from Breaking

by omni

(Source: GIPHY) IT’S BROKEN! Listen, it is the unfortunate fact of life, things break. Cheer gear is no different. As you lug your gear all over the place, things happen. Luckily for you, there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your cheer gear. Read the Care Instructions (Source: GIPHY) Read the tags! Those pesky care instructions are important, and you need to read them. I, like many, am guilty of not doing so. I’ll wash a shirt one time and it shrinks into a baby-doll tee. Cheer uniforms are no different, read those care instructions! With cheer uniforms you need to worry about shrinking, color bleeding, and of course customization or embellishments. Read those care instructions carefully before washing and drying your uniforms. Other care instructions you may not even have thought of reading is for duffle bags and backpacks. You may think the word “backpacks ” means you can use a cheer bags for school. Not all backpacks are the same. Cheer bags should only be used for cheerleading equipment not for a backpack full of books. Read those instructions! It will save you from costly mistakes. Handle with Care (Source: GIPHY) It is simple. Take care of your stuff. Don’t throw your uniform on the floor after a game, have a designated hanger for your uniform and hang it up as soon as you get home. Don’t throw you bag or drag it on the floor, carry it and place it down instead of slamming it down. Place you poms back in your bag instead of leaving them out in the sun. Be careful taking out your bow, instead of ripping it out after a game. A spot on the cheerleading team is earned and you had to work hard to secure your spot. Have pride in your cheer gear, you earned it and don’t throw it around. By simply not throwing your bag and hanging up your inform you will extend the life of your cheerleading gear. Avoid Washing Your Uniform TOO Much (Source: GIPHY) Sounds kind of weird, right? Washing your clothes even on delicate cycle, can ruin your uniform. You might even be surprised to learn dry cleaning too often can also ruin your clothes. If possible avoid washing your uniforms too much. Of course always read those care instructions but if you can get two or three wears out of your inform before it starts to smell, do it! If it was exceptionally hot that day and your uniforms smells a little bit funkier then normal, do a quick hand wash and hang dry your uniform. The combination of harsh chemicals, constant spinning of your washer machine and other clothes spinning together can destroy or cause tears in your uniform. It may seem convenient but in the long run it is not worth the risks. Things break, but there are simple steps you can take to extend the life of your cheer items. Read those care instructions, they are important and will save you time, money, and heartache. If at all possible try and get a few wears in before washing your uniform or hand wash your uniform. You earned your spot on the cheer team and your uniform is like a badge of honor, so take care of it. Wear your uniform with pride and take good care of it. Your uniform and your wallet will thank you. (Source: GIPHY)

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