Glitterbug Cosmetics is Perfect for Cheerleaders!

by omni

Whether it’s a football game, pep rally, or competition, cheerleaders need makeup that will last all day, be visible from a distance, and hold up through sweat and tears. We chatted with one of Glitterbug’s experts to find out the inside scoop about their makeup products. What is Glitterbug Cosmetics? Glitterbug is a cosmetics company specializing in glitter products for the face and body. Glitterbug is performance makeup designed for anyone in search of that extra sparkle. It’s a great option for cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts, and anyone else looking to add a little bling to their performance. How is it different from other makeup brands? Unlike the average cosmetics brand, Glitterbug was created specifically for performers. We offer sixteen different colors of glitter that match with Chasse uniforms, making it perfect for cheerleaders. All of our glitter colors can easily be used in combination with any other Glitterbug products, allowing you to create original designs that will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Additionally, our glitter is cosmetic grade. What does “cosmetic grade” mean? Cosmetic grade glitter is specifically made for makeup purposes. Regular glitter, used for arts and crafts, is not cosmetic grade. Using non-cosmetic grade glitter can cause skin irritation, scratches, and possibly even allergic reactions. When applying glitter to your face or body, always make sure it’s cosmetic grade. Who can use Glitterbug products? Our cosmetics are fun, safe, easy-to-use and perfect for any occasion. While anyone can use them, they are particularly geared towards performing artists, dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and anyone wanting extra sparkle. Just recently, a high school used Glitterbug products on all the actors and actresses for their musical rendition of “Willy Wonka!” What products does Glitterbug offer? We offer glitter dust, self-adhesive glitter stars and rhinestones, makeup brushes, eye glue, and lip glue. What is lip and eye glue? The lip and eye glue is a clear liquid used as a base to hold the glitter dust in place. Once you’ve applied the lip or eye and skin glue, apply glitter with a brush. The glue is non-gooey and easily comes off with makeup remover. How long will the glue take to dry? The glue does not take long dry at all. You’ll want to make sure that you apply the glitter immediately. Once applied, it will stick to the glue and the area should be dry within five minutes. Will I be able to eat and drink once the glue is dry? Yes, you will be able to eat and drink; but you should try not to smudge your lips too much after applying the lip glue. If possible, drink out of a straw and eat in small bites using silverware. How can I make sure the look will last? Always start off with a freshly cleaned and dried face. Washing off other makeup, moisturizers, and natural oils from your face will help the glitter stick better and last longer. When you’ve finished applying the glitter, wipe off any loose glitter. This will help hold the design in place. Try to avoid touching your face and make sure clothing or hair accessories don’t come in contact with your face. Although the makeup glue is durable, rubbing the area may remove some of the glitter and glue. For more information about Glitterbug Cosmetics, visit their website. You can purchase Glitterbug products at Omni Cheer and Campus Teamwear.

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