Why You Should Keep It Positive Online

by omni

Social media plays a major role in banishing negativity from your cheer squad. The Internet is a huge help with accessing information for schoolwork and staying in touch with friends and family, but it can also be a place where negativity spreads. The important thing to remember about the Internet, and especially social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is that something you post in the moment can last forever. A lot of people use social media to let off steam, but treating it like your diary can give people a skewed image of you and the people you’re close to. If you post something after a disagreement with a friend, teammate, coach, family member, or boyfriend/girlfriend, you might feel better by letting it out, but now everyone knows your business and might think badly about the person. Even if you take a page from Taylor Swift’s playbook and don’t name names, people will make assumptions and you could end up hurting the reputation of even more people. When people post things like this, it’s often because they are upset and crave feedback from friends. That is a normal and healthy human response to tough situations, but calling or texting a friend or family member is a better way to handle it than blasting your personal life on the Internet. This is also true of cyber bullying. Bullying is bullying even when it’s online. What you say in comments on articles, pictures, statuses, and other posts matters. Your words affect the recipient, your own reputation, and that of your team. Keep in mind that things you post will always be there. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to come back up later‚ even a few years down the road. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we post things we don’t really mean or wouldn’t say publicly. Even if you go back and delete it when you calm down, lots of people will have already seen it. If it’s a negative comment or rumor/gossip, the damage will remain long after you delete the post. As recent celebrity phone hackings show, you also need to be careful with the pictures you take on your phone. While most of us aren’t well-known enough to have our photos targeted by hackers, it’s a good lesson that even when you delete things they could still be out there somewhere in the online universe. A more likely concern when it comes to pictures on your phone is getting them into the wrong hands. A picture you take could be sent to someone whom you didn’t intend to see it. This can lead to embarrassment and even bullying. So remember that when you take or send someone a picture, there is a small chance it could be seen by an unintended audience. It is unlikely, but not worth the risk, so only take and send pictures you would be OK with other people seeing. As a member of a cheer squad, you represent your team and anything you do personally can affect the team. Whether it’s photos or negative social media posts, you run the risk of making your team look bad or creating a situation where you aren’t mentally or emotionally at your best to contribute to the team. As long as you keep it positive, you will have nothing to worry about! How do you make sure you and your team keep it positive online?

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