Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Cheer Tryouts

by omni

Tryouts are just around the corner! The sooner you start getting ready, the better prepared you will be, not to mention more confident and less stressed! Last month we discussed the four areas you should be working on now to build a foundation for tryouts. Here is everything you need to know to prepare: You can learn chants and cheers closer to tryouts, but getting in physical shape is something you have to put in the time for early. Doing cardio exercises will give you a solid foundation for the physical aspects of tryouts. This will help you function at high levels throughout the day and not fade toward the end” “plus, you don’t want to be out of breath after just a few minutes of choreography! Find out how to get your cardio level up for tryouts here. Now is the best time to start building a strength foundation for tryouts. Talk to the cheer coach to see if she or he has any tips for exercises you can do to get ready for the big day. Building your strength before tryouts won’t be time-consuming, so don’t worry or feel overwhelmed. If you enjoy working out and want to set aside a half hour or hour to go to the gym each day, that’s great, but you can also squeeze it in throughout your day. As a cheerleader, a big part of your fitness level is flexibility. Unfortunately, you can’t increase your flexibility overnight. These tips will help you increase your flexibility and achieve your goals by tryouts. Start working now and follow these four tips. The final piece to being ready for tryouts is getting in peak health. Just like with the other aspects of preparing for tryouts, you can’t just start incorporating healthy behaviors a few days before and expect results. Start focusing on these four components of health now to be at your best by tryouts. When are your cheer tryouts? What are you doing to prepare?

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