5 Ways Cheerleading Gives You Confidence

by omni

Among the many benefits of cheerleading, you learn a lot of important lessons. One of the most important things cheerleading instills is confidence. Here’s how: Good friends. Cheerleading puts you around people who build you up. You’re all cheerleaders, after all! Having a good support system like this is key for your confidence. As a cheerleader, you spend the majority of your time around people who encourage and support you. Difficult skills. You are required to do difficult things in cheerleading. Accomplishing something difficult shows you what you are truly capable of doing. Remember the first time you saw someone do a back tuck or the splits? You thought it was so cool, but didn’t think you’d ever be able to do it. But, all it takes is practice! Knowing that you have the ability to practice, learn, and master new things is a major confidence builder. This transfers into the non-cheer world, as well. Cheerleaders are confident that they can take on any challenge! Performance nerves. You conquer nerves and fight stage fright on a regular basis. This is another example of how doing difficult things gives you confidence‚ only, in this instance, you’re conquering your inner fears and doubts rather than physical limitations. Positive habits. You become what you do daily, and cheerleaders have a solid foundation of healthy lifestyle habits they practice each day, from stretching and being active to spreading spirit and spending time with positive people. Routines like this can keep you stable when life seems unstable. So when something happens that could shake your confidence, you have this solid foundation to keep it steady! Spotlight pressure. You go out and perform in front of people often. Hearing the crowd’s applause and watching jaws drop when you do awesome stunts will definitely build confidence, but even the practice of doing things in front of people will get you used to handling that kind of pressure. Now, when it comes to school presentations or work and other events down the road where you might have to perform under pressure or make a speech in front of a larger group, you’ll be confident from the hours of practice you’ve had through cheerleading! How has cheerleading given you confidence?

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