Cheerleaders Fined For Cheering. Yes, You Read That Right

by omni

Well that certainly brought down the spirit. The college cheerleaders of of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario, Canada, were celebrating Homecoming weekend. After performing a stunt, the team was given a $140 ticket for “causing a nuisance in the street by conducting a cheerleading performance” (according to the NY Daily News). During the Homecoming celebrations, 42 cheerleaders were walking down the street, heading back to campus. During their walk, the streets were already packed with people since the university was celebrating its 100th anniversary for its athletics program. Getting into the spirit, three male cheerleaders tossed a female teammate into the air, performing a stunt. A police officer immediately gave one of the head cheerleaders a ticket for causing a nuisance. The team’s coach was furious. He contacted the press and was determined the fight the ticket. Many news outlets and people caught wind of the story but that didn’t change the minds of the police department. The team will unfortunately have to pay the ticket or face consequences. While the ticket isn’t as expensive as it could have been, the general consensus is that it caused a fuss over nothing. What do you think? Did the cheerleaders deserve a ticket if the officer believed the team was being rowdy? Or, was the officer out of line and just using power to stop cheerleaders from performing their spirited duties? Comment below! News Source: NY Daily News

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