Understanding Uniforms Is More Than Just a Price Tag

by omni

A uniform means everything to a cheer team. Without an eye-catching uniform, cheerleading lacks the pizazz necessary for its very existence. Uniforms come in all sorts of forms, and depending on what your cheer team does, certain ones can fit your squad better than others. What it boils down to is a statement of your team’s personality: what pattern, what details, what look tells others who your team is? And, the best part about it is that as a cheer team, you can have as many uniform ensembles as you want in any given season! The possibilities are endless. But, where do you start? You don’t have to be an expert in cheer apparel to get a great deal, so here are some things to look for as you search for the right garb: Uniforms do come in different colors and patterns, but did you know that they also differ in material? You should always invest in uniforms that cater to what your team does, and provide the range of motion to accommodate your team’s level; wherever you fall on the cheer spectrum, there is a uniform material that makes the most sense. In case you are not sure, reference this blog to let you know if your team needs Performance or Double Knit uniforms. Once you’ve gotten the material of the uniforms squared away, it’s time to choose what you’d like to add on to the apparel to really make it pop! There was a time when custom options for cheer gear were limited, but now, exploring custom options for apparel has never been easier! Whether you want to add embroidery, tackle twill, or try your hand at sublimation, cheer uniforms have come a long way to get that unique look you crave! But, what is sublimation? You’ve heard about it over the last few years, and it seems to be dominating the mat at competitions‚ and even sneaking onto the school sidelines! Sublimation is everywhere, but it could seem confusing to someone not acquainted with the process of how to make it and when to buy it. In order to get that perfect sublimated look for your next uniform, try getting all the facts in this Sublimation 101 crash course. You’ve chosen your uniform, selected all of the custom options, and have everything squared away to place your team order. But wait, you’re not quite done yet! A cheer uniform is essential, but it’s not the only essential worth having. In fact, there are four things a cheerleader needs to complete any uniform. Before you check out, be sure to consider what else your team may need, and take advantage of bulk ordering discounts while you’re at it! In-stock cheer gear retailers usually promote special bulk deals, like free shipping when you hit a cart subtotal dollar amount or a free item when you purchase uniform packages, so bundle all of your cheer needs together and get the most bang for your buck! Do you have additional inquiries about uniforms? What else made it easier to choose your next team uniform? Let us know in the comments!

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