The September News You Don’t Want to Miss

by omni

October is here! In less than a month, you went from summer dreaming to full-blown fall mode‚ with pumpkin spice everything, Homecoming excitement, and fall colors seeping onto the surrounding trees. What a great time of year! Whether you’re well into sideline season or getting back to the grind on your competition team, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays‚ especially staying fit and focused with so many fun events on the calendar. Also, October means that it’s now officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you should do your part to not only raise awareness on your squad, but also try to rally your school or team behind a fundraising event to donate to the cause! Every little effort helps! Before you make the switch over to Halloween and more, here is the top cheer news of September: The biggest and most riveting cheer news is that CheerLiving Magazine got a makeover! What used to be a print magazine with limited interactivity online is now a fully tricked-out, super fun experience. The new and improved Fall Issue hit digital outlets only this month, and is available as a free read on CheerLiving’s new free app. Get in on the excitement by downloading the app today! College application deadlines are right around the corner, and this time of year can get seniors pretty bogged down with assignments. Cheerleaders especially get hit hard, since your season practices, performances, and everything in between are a priority, too! Just in case you sit down to apply and experience sudden writer’s block (probably from fatigue, you busy cheerleaders!), we have compiled 7 Tools to Help Cheerleaders Write Admissions Essays. We wish you nothing but the best of luck applying to your dream schools next month! CheerLiving has had quite a busy month, with the app debut and their Fall Issue release, but they didn’t stop there! There are two new episodes of their web series that aired this September, and they both had us in stitches! Watch Ways Coaches Can Cut Cheer Costs to learn some essential shortcuts you can take as a cheer coach or parent when it comes to team ordering. And, everyone knows that cheerleading costs can pile up pretty high! As an added bonus, CheerLiving released a special episode, just to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month! In case you’re in need of inspiration, CheerLiving lets you know How Cheerleaders Can Think Pink. Lastly, Homecoming is here. Between halftime routines and pep rallies, cheerleaders are usually play a pretty prime part in getting the event off the ground! Whether you are campaigning for it or not, members of the cheer team tend to be chosen for Homecoming Court more than others‚ so it’s good to be prepared! If you end up unexpectedly hearing your name on the ballot, we’ve outlined What to Do When Nominated for Homecoming Court‚ in GIFs, so you can visually see what to do, too! What other cheer news have you heard this month? Let us know in the comments!

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