The October Cheer News You Don’t Want to Miss

by omni

Oh, happy fall! October is always a fun month for cheerleaders, with sideline season fueling every Friday night, competitive teams training hard for the initial competitions on the calendar, schools celebrating Homecomings and Halloween festivities, and more! You can’t quite beat the energy in the air, especially right before the holidays hit. With so much to do, so much thinking pink to accomplish, and so little time, you may have missed out on the prime cheer news of the month‚ so we want to fill you in on it. Below are our top four occurrences this month in the world of cheer: First and foremost, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s a cheerleader’s job to promote it! There are several ways to cheer for the cause, but one of the main ways to go about it is incorporating pink cheer gear into your uniform (besides wearing a pink ribbon, of course). Although the month is over, we listed out How Cheerleaders Can Show Pink Pride for Breast Cancer Awareness, which can be used as an October guide for next year! Whatever your team chose to do, we hope that you raised awareness and/or donated to a breast cancer organization to further the fight! Now, that November is looming, it’s time for high school seniors to start thinking about their freshman college experience. The high school to college transition is nothing to mess with‚ it’s difficult to adapt! And, freshmen in college are well into their first college semester, so they know exactly what we’re talking about. The stress of meeting college deadlines and expectations could be downright maddening. Not to worry: we outline How to Improve Your Academic Performance and Enhance Cognitive Skills to get the job done! Hang in there; it gets easier with time. Before you start sending off college applications, thinking about holiday breaks, and stressing over semester finals, everyone needs to take a moment and relish Halloween. Cheerleaders dress up around the calendar year (hello, your uniform is your costume!!), but Halloween is the one time everyone else gets to join in on getting all dolled up, too. CheerLiving Magazine takes the holiday one step further, and calls out the top six Cheerleading Nightmares in the latest installment of their video series‚ and, it’s TERRIFYING. Watch at your own risk, and have a very frightening Halloween! The next stop on the holiday list is, you guessed it, Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving promotes bonding with your family over a great feast, but hanging with your family shouldn’t just be a few days a year. Cheerleading requires the whole family to be on board, especially when you’re involved with competitive cheerleading. But, some family members may be a little hesitant to fully support your cheer drive. For the sake of family unity, we comprised an article highlighting How to Make Competitive Cheerleading a Family Affair, with tips to get everyone stoked for the sport‚ even dad! What other cheer news have you heard this month? Let us know in the comments!

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