The Dos and Don’ts of Cheer Competition Beauty

by omni

A lot goes into getting ready for cheer competitions. By this time you’ve been setting goals, conditioning, working on your routine, and getting your competition uniforms. All that’s left to do is show up and perform‚ while looking your best. Follow these beauty dos and don’ts and your hair and makeup will wow the judges and audience even before your routine does. Do: Wear makeup. You have to be seen! (Source: Don’t: Take it too far. (Source: Do: Use glitter. You’ll be seen from the audience without having to wear a ton of makeup. (Source: Don’t: Put on lotion before you compete. You don’t want to slip, drop, or be dropped. (Source: Do: Use plenty of hairspray. You gotta keep it together. (Source: Don’t: Spray without checking behind you. Cheerleading is dangerous enough. Don’t inhibit a teammate’s abilities for the day with that kind of injury! (Source: Seriously. (Source: Don’t do it. (Source: Do: Help each other. You’ve probably done this enough to basically be a professional hair and makeup artist by now. (Source: Don’t: Trust just anyone with your makeup. (Source: What’s your best competition beauty advice?

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