The 8 Emotions You Experience at Cheer Tryouts in GIFs

by omni

Cheerleading tryouts are your opportunity to show off what you’ve been working so hard on, but if you’re trying out for a new team, tryouts can be nerve-wracking, too! If you’ve ever tried out for a new cheer squad, you know that there is no one word to describe what it’s like. You go back and forth over a whole range of emotions in that single day. Even though you know you should just go in calm and confident, you can’t help feeling a little (or a lot) nervous at times. These are the eight emotions you experience at cheer tryouts: Excitement. I’m going to be a cheerleader!!! Cue the images of yourself walking on a red carpet out to the football field where you’ll be rocking that cheer uniform as the crowd cheers. (Source: Nervousness. Wait…what if I don’t make the team? I already told my whole family I was trying out and posted it on Facebook and Instagram! (Source: Calm. You take a deep breath and remember that you haven’t just been sitting around waiting for tryouts. You’ve been getting in shape and practicing your skills! (Source: Panic. You walk into the gym and are terrified to try out in front of a new team and judges! (Source: Nervousness again. You get a hold of yourself and your fear level drops from panic back to nervousness. (Source: Confidence. Right before you take the floor for your performance, you take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are prepared, you want this, and you are ready to do your best regardless of what happens. (Source: Enjoyment. Your music comes on and you just have fun doing what you do best. (Source: Relief. You did it! You made it through tryouts, and, regardless of what happens next, you did your best‚ and that’s something to be proud of. (Source: When are your tryouts? How do you keep your nerves in check on tryout day?

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