Terrifying Moments at Competitions: Supernatural Edition

by omni

[Source: Giphy] Competition season can be absolutely terrifying. The moment you walk out onto that battlefield, your fight or flight mode hits and all the butterflies start fluttering in your stomach. Here are the top six terrifying moments at cheer competitions, courtesy of the hit TV show Supernatural. 6. You got so into your routine that you forgot to smile! [Source: Giphy] As we all know, cheerleading judging can be a bit ridiculous. You have to keep your smile on throughout the entire routine and, honestly, that is not the most important thing on your priority list! So, your face might look at little crazy‚ it is not the worst thing in the world‚ 5. Nerves got the best of you. [Source: Giphy] Nerves can get the best of you‚ it happens! You wouldn’t be the first person who has thrown up at competition: nothing is more nerve wrecking than lining up at the side of the stage, waiting for your teams turn to run out and start your routine. That moment lasts forever, and all those anticipation butterflies make your stomach turn. Once you get out there, you know you will be fine, but those seconds that feel like minutes before you run out make you so nervous that you might just throw up. Just take a deep breath, you’ve got this. 4. You’re missing something. [Source: Giphy] You checked, double-checked and even triple-checked, but you are missing something! Nothing can cause a complete freak out than missing a sock, hair bow, or even a shoe. You have never ripped apart a bag at such lighting speed until you think you are missing part of your uniform. You start thinking you’ve let the team down, the judges are going to deduct points, the competition is over before it even starts and you’ve already blew it for your team. Take a second, relax‚ your missing item is probably in there, you just need to relax and calmly look. If not, coaches always have extras. 3. You forgot the routine. [Source: Giphy] A.K.A., the brain fart. There is nothing more frightening than just blanking out. The “deer caught in the headlights’ moment! When stress takes over, your brain sometimes freezes up. This is probably the most nightmarish scenario. Forget showing up in your underwear to class: forgetting your entire cheer routine the moment you get out onto the floor is a complete nightmare! However, you have practiced this routine a million times; once that music kicks in, muscle memory takes over and you are all good! (Woo, that was close!) 2. You’re offbeat. [Source: Giphy] You just missed a step. This one is a heartbreaker. You know these steps, you have practiced hard, have had dreams doing these motions, and it is now the big day‚ and you miss one. This is what nightmares are made of. This can cost your team a win by missing or being out of rhythm with your team. There is always a chance, since you recovered quickly, that no one saw it, but this one will keep you up at night. 1. You fall. [Source: Giphy] You falling or not sticking a landing is the worst thing that can happen at competitions. Falling is hard to recover from, and it feels like you let down your entire team. It happens to even the best of athletes; even Olympians fall from time to time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Plus, unlike the Olympics, there is always next year! What are other terrifying moment at cheer competitions? Let us know in the comments!

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