Soaking Up the Sun: 7 Summer Must-Haves

by omni

Whether you’re heading to cheer camp, going on vacation, or hanging out with friends, there are a few essentials every cheerleader needs for the summer. Make sure you’ve got them to make your summer fun and fabulous. Read on, stock up, and then start counting down the days until summer break! Sunscreen You’ve got to protect yourself from the sun! The last thing you want is a painful sunburn. Keep your skin safe and lather up every few hours with sunblock. If you’re hoping for a tan, try sunless tanner or bronzer! Sunglasses Round, cat-eye, oversized, colorful…whatever style you rock, summer is the time to get some wear out of your sunglasses. Swimsuit What’s summer without swimming? It’s the perfect season for hitting up the beach, lake, or pool. Make sure you’ve got a swimsuit and plan for lots of pool parties, beach days, or lake trips! Camera This is the best time of year for making memories. Keep them alive and document them by taking a camera with you. At the end of the season, you can make a scrapbook and always remember the fun times you had. A Good Book No school means no homework! Now you have time to catch up on some light, fun reading. Hit the bookstore (or the Internet) and find a good book you can read all season long. Comfortable Practice Wear Even if you aren’t going to cheer camp, you’ll most likely have summer practices. Stock up on comfortable, light, and breathable practice shorts and tops. Don’t forget hair ties! Reusable Water Bottle When it’s hot out, it’s easier to get dehydrated. Always take a reusable water bottle with you and drink often. This is especially the case if you’re at cheer camp or practice. What are your must-haves for summer?

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