Ready for Cheer Camp? 4 Things You Should Know Before You Go

by omni

Ah, cheer camp. It’s one of the best things about summer for cheerleaders. There’s a lot to know about camp, and it’s important you’re aware of these things before you actually arrive at camp. Here are just four things you should know: You’ll have a much better time at camp if you understand why cheerleaders go to camp. By knowing the history, you’ll also get into the camp spirit, which celebrates tradition! Coaches, cheerleaders, and even parents should prepare for camp ahead of time, and we don’t mean just packing your bags. Find out how you should prepare so you can be ready to conquer camp. In general, safety is a huge and important topic in the cheer world. Don’t forget about safety practices at camp. There are numerous ways cheerleaders, coaches, and parents can ensure safety is a priority. Cheerleading squads will learn a lot at cheer camp. It’s hard to retain everything you learn but if you have to learn just four things, these should be them. What else do you think is important for cheerleaders and teams to know before they head to camp?

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