Learn How to Say Goodbye With Less Heartache

by omni

You know what they say, “all good things must come to an end’. It’s a way of life, but like the shape of the world we live in, everything is cyclical: “when one door closes, another one opens’, after all. When you’re standing a crossroads, it’s hard to see the silver lining, especially when you’re smack dab in the middle of it all. Change creeps up on us, and it’s never a settling feeling to be in the process of transitioning. Sometimes change means leaving things or people behind that you love, which is especially hard to accept. Life alone presents enough obstacles for you without the added bonus of changes in your cheer career happening at the same time. It all can seem so overwhelming! Hang in there, remember that it gets better, and reference these articles to help get through the hard goodbyes. Season after season, your cheer team becomes your second family. You spend countless hours with them, you put your life in their hands, and vice versa, which manifests a trust bond that you cannot even start to explain. Your team is your everything. But, sometimes, you sadly have to part ways. This can happen for a variety of reasons: you age out, you level up, you move, you graduate‚ the list goes on and on. When the curtains start to close, here are 4 Things to Remember When Saying Goodbye to Your Cheer Team. You love to cheer, and we get it! Maybe you started as a Pee Wee cheerleader, and remember a time performing next to your “Bigs’ during Pop Warner Night‚ it was your first experience on the sidelines. You were hooked for life. Now that you’re older, you’ve become a part of your school’s sideline cheer team and have enjoyed every minute of it. However, graduation sneaks up on you, or perhaps an injury is preventing you from trying out for next season. Whatever your reason, it’s time to say goodbye to the one place you feel the most comfortable‚ the sidelines. As hard as it seems, we got advice from an ex-cheerleader on how to handle leaving the sidelines behind. You’ve bought your cap and gown, you’ve sent invitations for the big day to your friends and family, and now it’s time to walk across that stage. Yep, it’s Graduation Day! Congrats, you’ve made it! What a wonderful day, filled with festivities to commemorate such an important accomplishment. But, then it dawns on you: you’re not only opening up a new life chapter, but also leaving everything about high school behind. You might’ve thought your high school days would never end, and now, they’re permanently part of your past. The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye to High School, so here’s how to go about it with no regrets. There’s one goodbye in cheerleading that’s the ultimate hardest. You’ve said a lot of goodbyes over the years, and now that you’re an adult, you’ve become a cheer coach. You’ve taught your cheerleaders everything you know (and they’ve taught you so many lessons about yourself that you never thought possible), yet the time has come to hang up your cheer shoes for good. Retiring from Coaching Cheer Can Cause Heartache (Among Other Maladies), so revert to this article to ease the pain. Are you going through another type of goodbye that wasn’t listed? We can help! Share your story in the comments below, and hang in there!

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