June Poll Results: Where in the U.S. do you cheer?

by omni

According to current web statistics, there are over 3.3 million cheerleaders in the United States alone‚ not to mention the 1.2 million outside of America cheering in 78 other countries! That’s a lot of cheerleaders! Considering it’s summertime in the states, and Independence Day starts July off right celebrating this fine nation, we thought our June poll should reflect how much we love our American cheerleaders! So, let’s break America down by asking where in the United States do you cheer? We asked, 300 cheerleaders voted, and now we have the geography numbers in! 300 out of 3.3 million is a fair sample size, in our opinion! 1. Turns out, the most popular area of the United States to cheer is the South! With 27% of cheerleaders who voted in our poll residing in the South, let’s here it for the southern states! With cheerleading being such a patriotic sport, it’s only natural that a vast majority of people who love to cheer live in one of the most patriotic areas of the country. 2. The second-most popular American cheerleading hotspot is the Northeast, at 21%! The Northeast founded this fine country, and just like our immigrant ancestors, cheerleaders exist to promote home team (and homeland) pride! With this in mind, it’s of no surprise that the Northeast is home to many all-American cheerleaders. 3. Branching out towards the Pacific, the third most popular answer is the Midwest! Granted, there are a lot of states that make up the Midwest, yet these cheerleaders endure hot summers and cold, cold winters‚ and still have pep in their step to cheer year-round! With 19% of cheerleaders answering that they live somewhere in the middle, Midwest cheerleaders are larger in number than you can imagine. 4 & 5. The fourth most popular cheerleading neck of the woods is a two-way tie; that’s right, Texas and the Northwest are tied at 12% of cheerleaders. This result is surprising, considering that Texas is commonly known as the epitome of cheerleading in all its glory! Perhaps Texas is not boasting the large numbers of cheer participants as one would expect, but they sure do take it the most seriously! Ask any cheerleader in Texas‚ they will tell you how Texas still reigns supreme on the cheer front. The Northwest has a number of excellent sports teams, so, naturally, the Northwest nook of the United States is also home to outstanding cheerleaders! 6. The least chosen answer in our cheer census was the Southwest. Apparently, all the great weather in leads cheerleaders away from practice and out to the beach (or pool parties!) For the 8% of cheerleaders living in the Southwest, way to hold down the sport despite temptation to engage in other activities! No matter where you live, happy summer! And, happy 4th of July!! See the full results in the graph below, and don’t forget to vote in our July poll‚ that’s live now! Were these results surprising? Let us know your thoughts about our June poll in the comments!

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