How Your Cheer Experience Can Help You Get a Job

by omni

As the winter season winds down, cheerleaders face that lull in between the last competition and summer tryouts. You may fill your free time with other sports and clubs, volunteer work, or even a part-time job. In positions where people have a lot of responsibility‚ not only in work, but sometimes team captains or club presidents‚ they may be required to interview with a coach, teacher, or supervisor to prove that they are the right fit for a position. Interviews make everybody nervous! Luckily for us, cheerleaders already have all the skills they need to ace their interviews. Positive Attitude Supervisors love working with people who have a bright outlook. Whether it’s the helpful smile that lets people know they can approach you or the optimistic way you tackle challenges (“I can handle that, no problem!”), cheerleaders know the power of positivity. Every week we’re keeping the fans in the stands cheering for the team or getting the crowd pumped at competitions, and every squad has experienced a game that resulted in crushing defeat or a competition where nothing seemed to go right. We are experts at not letting our smiles waver, no matter what the situation. High Energy Jumping, tumbling, and dancing are second nature to cheerleaders, and though volunteer work might not include throwing a tuck, it might include a lot of running around. Show that you’re not afraid to jump in and help wherever you can. Being flexible (not just for your splits!) will be a big help for your supervisor. Having the stamina to stay on your feet for long periods doesn’t hurt, either. Keeping Nerves Under Control After you’ve performed on the mat in front of hundreds of people‚ not to mention the judges‚ your interviewer isn’t as scary as he or she may seem. You know how to keep your cool even when you’re practically shaking with excitement. Keep your game face on and flash your most winning smile. (Note: facials may be a bit much for a one-on-one interview.) Team Spirit You and your squad throw up basket tosses like it’s nothing; cheerleaders know how to work as a team to make amazing things happen. Talk up your favorite experiences with your squad making the crowd ooh and ahh, and your supervisor will know that you aren’t out to hog all the glory for yourself. Working with a team is a pivotal skill everyone needs, and cheerleaders already have it mastered. Ambition The goal of every squad is to be the best. We want to cheer the loudest, build the highest pyramids, and get the crowd on its feet the fastest. Cheerleaders play to win, but we also know the importance of good sportsmanship. Supervisors are looking for people who are motivated to work hard for what they want. Cheerleaders show ’em how it’s done. Ready to blow the competition away? Take a deep breath, put on your best sideline smile, and dominate your interview.

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