How to Spread Holiday Cheer to Your Family and Friends

by omni

The holidays are a special time of year where families and friends come together in the spirit of giving and appreciating. As a cheerleader, you probably already have a large amount of holiday festivities on your calendar, which makes it even more important to remember to take time out to spend with your loved ones. The people closest to you will understand that you have to attend winter formals, team functions, and other holiday school events, but once the semester ends, make sure you put your friends and family first before committing to anything else. With that in mind, here are some things to do to help spread cheer between your nearest and dearest over winter break! Craft homemade Christmas cards. This is an easy (and inexpensive!) way to thank your support system for everything they helped you achieve over the past year. Being thankful isn’t just for Thanksgiving, and nothing will make your friends and family feel better than with a good solid written “thank you’ card. Plus, this is a fun way to bust out your hidden artistic skills and blow them away with how creative you can be! Hit the kitchen. With the handy, dandy Internet to help guide you in the cooking department, you luckily don’t have to be America’s Next Top Sous Chef to be able to make something nice and yummy for your loved ones! There are endless holidays treats to try your hand at‚ from cookies to brownies to cakes to cocoa ‚ and the effort spent making any of them will show your friends and family that you care. There’s nothing wrong with baking extra cookies either, especially if you want to save some of them for Santa! Have a gingerbread house-decorating contest. Along the same lines as baking cookies, why don’t you host a gingerbread house decorating party! There are decorating kits available for purchase at grocery stores or you can bake the gingerbread cookies from scratch; either way, make sure there are enough house materials for everyone involved. Don’t forget to buy frosting, candy, licorice, or anything else that catches your eye at the store! Once you have all the gingerbread house items assembled on a table, let everyone know there are prizes or certificates for the people who make the fastest, best, or most creative gingerbread houses! Have someone impartial to judge the competition, like grandpa, who will appreciate being included in a small, yet very important way. Make a year in review collage. Just like you see on Facebook, it’s cool to witness what you accomplished within the past year and everyone who stood by you as you did it! Your friends and family are the ones that root for you no matter what, so showing them through a collage exactly how they helped you reach your goals this year will definitely raise their spirits. In this way, you also can visually address all the areas you improved within the past year as well as what you may want to work on moving forward into the next. And because everything is digital these days, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy art supplies (like glue or construction paper) to do this either; if you want to make a year-in-review collage on your computer as a slideshow, it would be super easy to share it with all of your friends and family online once it’s done! How else do you spread cheer to your loved ones around the holidays? We want to know!

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