How To Overcome the 4 Main Obstacles in Cheerleading

by omni

Cheerleading is not for the weak of spirit, and the road to being a successful cheerleader isn’t an easy one! Cheerleaders have to fit cheer events in between time constraints, school, social activities, family time, and more just to participate‚ talk about a juggling act! Good thing cheerleaders are natural multi-taskers and highly motivated, otherwise cheerleading might be close to impossible to pull off! But, what happens if life throws more curve balls your way? Your balancing act gets a lot more hard to do with additional elements keeping you from being the best cheerleader you can be. In case you’re faced with cheer hardship, here are some solutions to the four main problems in cheerleading: You’re cheering your heart out, and you could not be a better team player! However, you’ve come to find that your teammates aren’t reciprocating on their end recently. Cheerleading is impossible to do if your teammates refuse to work together, so things like team disagreements can end up ruining everything! Instead of ignoring the issue, take matters into your own hands and reference this Guide to Working Through Team Disagreements. You can face obstacles on a cheer team, even if everyone is getting along perfectly! This is because, at some point in your cheer career, you’re going to have to move up a level and leave your original team behind. It’s inevitable that you have to level-up, but this transition can be overwhelming, demanding, and discouraging for those expecting to be pro right away on your new team. Like everything in life, you’re going to have to put in the work in order to be successful. So, if the time has come to move on up as a competitive cheerleader, here’s how to Escalate to a New Competition Cheer Level Without Stress. Cheerleaders aren’t the only ones facing obstacles in cheer! Parents and coaches have to deal with their own fair share of problems when immersed in the world of cheerleading. And, the number one obstacle for most is being able to afford it! Participating in cheerleading costs a pretty penny, so things like budget cuts really put a squeeze on team funds and force cheer administrators to get creative. Before you throw in the towel and let down your cheerleaders, know that there are ways to get all the cheer gear you need‚ for less! Bottom line: Don’t Let Budget Cuts Ruin Your Next Cheer Season. Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports, regardless if you cheer on the sidelines or the mat. Although there are safety regulations in place, that doesn’t keep cheerleaders from getting injured in high numbers every season. Getting hurt is THE WORST, because you immediately assume that your cheer days are over. But, that’s not true! There are many ways to stay active on a team, even when you’re forced to be physically inactive. Here are 3 Ways to Work Through an Unexpected Cheer Injury, without calling it quits. Do you know workarounds to other cheer obstacles? Share your story in the comments!

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