Christmas Gift Ideas for Cheerleaders

by omni

Ever wonder what you should get for the cheerleader in your life? They already have everything they need, but their love of cheer warrants some extra items that they might want. But, what, you ask? Cheerleading items can cost a pretty penny, so making sure you are purchasing the right gifts can save you in the long run. Luckily, in-stock cheer companies can be shopped online, without having to sign up for a mailed catalog. Also, in-stock cheer companies offer free shipping on items when you reach a minimum amount in your cart‚ so it’s a win-win! Coupled with a few DIY ideas, you’ll be set. Here are a few suggestions to help make the holidays a little bit easier when shopping for cheerleaders: 1. Spirit boxes. Create a gift box full of spirit-related products that you can order from in-stock cheer retailers or make yourself! Decorate the box to a theme, and wrap it on up! You can give one box for the holiday season, or give the gift that keeps on giving by making one for each month of the year! You can keep a consistent “cheer’ theme, or you can focus on upcoming events rather than on the sport itself. For example, a “Summer Fun’ box can be a compilation of beach and summer-themed products come summertime! 2. Personalized bags. My favorite bags are, of course, from Omni Cheer, and no, I am not biased! Every cheerleader needs their own personalized duffle bag or book bag to carry around everything they need for their next cheerleading competitions. P.S‚ glitter is always better, so I recommend the Chasse Glitter Duffle or Backpack to put under the tree. 3. Tumbling mats for home. If your house is anything like mine, your cheerleader probably spends most of their time tumbling all around the house. (And, hopefully they’re not crashing into things!) If you want something to keep the carpets clean, and make the whole activity a little safer, tumbling mats are affordable and available online. 4. Bow holders and bows. Cheerleaders can never have enough bows! From all the wonderful bows to choose from, you will never run out of options. While you’re at it, get a cheer bow holder, like the Bow Pro from Chasse! If you’re crafty, you can even D.I.Y. a jumbo performance bow with your cheerleader’s name on it. Don’t forget the glitter and sequins! 5. Cheerleading jewelry. Look on the Pinterest, and you will find a bunch of different ideas to make special bracelets, bangles, and cheerleading necklaces that is sure to make their Christmas morning. By doing so, you also get to showcase your artsy side! **Bonus items: stocking stuffer alert! Glitter makeup packages are now available to be ordered online, and feature everything a cheerleader needs to be performance-ready. Another item to fit any stocking is a scarf in your cheerleader’s team colors. What other items make great holiday gifts for cheerleaders? What do you want this Christmas? Tell us in the comments below!

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