Cheer Quiz: Could You Be a Cheerleader?

by omni

Cheerleading is difficult. Being successful in cheerleading takes a lot of hard work, commitment, and confidence‚ but that shouldn’t stop you from giving cheer a try! Cheerleading is an indescribable experience that benefits athletes in many ways. Take this quiz to see if you could be a cheerleader: The truth is anyone can be a cheerleader! Sure, it takes hard work, but everyone is capable of working hard. One of the many great things about cheerleading is that there are so many ways to get involved. You can join a youth rec squad, a school sideline squad, a competitive All Star team, etc. There’s room in cheerleading for athletes of all skill and experience levels, and cheerleaders welcome new members with open arms. So if you think you might want to be a cheerleader, don’t let anything discourage you from trying it! You might see videos online of amazing tumbling passes or gravity-defying stunts, but those athletes didn’t start out being able to do that. They started from the beginning just like everyone else and put in the work. If you want to be a cheerleader but aren’t sure about the whole tumbling and stunting thing, don’t worry. Plenty of squads focus more on cheers and chants with less stunting and tumbling. There’s room for everyone in cheerleading! But, be forewarned: joining a cheerleading squad comes with a few unexpected side effects. You’ll love every second of it though! When did you decide to become a cheerleader?

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