Camp Offers Inspiration To Kids With Prosthetic Limbs

by omni

Big Hearts Keep Spirits High When someone mentions ‘camp’ around this time of the year, you probably think of cheerleading camp – I know I do! As important as cheer camp is, I never want to forget that there are many other camps, for all different kinds of athletes, that are just as important. That’s why when I came across this story, I knew I had to share it on the blog. Take a few moments to hear the story of these kids and their supporters. I dare you to not be inspired! WLWT News 5 featured a story about a summer camp in Cincinnati, called Camp Joy, that teaches children with prosthetic limbs new athletic skills, and how to compete against one another in sports and other activities. One former camp-goer, Lacy Henderson, is back at Camp Joy as a counselor after attending the of Denver on a cheerleading scholarship. Also taking part in Camp Joy is U.S. men’s World Cup team member Landon Donovan. As if it doesn’t sound awesome enough already, campers’ fees for attendance are 100% covered by the Coalition for Amputees.

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