New eBook: The Cheerleader’s Guide to Inspiring Spirit

by omni

Leading team and school spirit can really go a long way in supporting an athletic cheerleading team’s road to success. Use this free comprehensive guide to learn about the fun activities that cheerleaders participate in, refresh your game knowledge and get tips for game day and pep rallies! Fill out the form below to get your free copy now, and easily save, print and share this guide with your cheer community! Name* First Last Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Zip Code Which best describes you: CheerleaderDancerCoachParentChoreographerOther Sign me up to receive emails from Omni Cheer Blog and its partners Omni Cheer Blog does not sell your contact information. See our privacy policy. Email Featured Chapters A Cheerleader’s Best Accessory? School spirit is that spark that you can feel in the air on game day; a fist pump or high five from teachers, classmates and neighbors; the roar of the crowd yelling your chants back to you; support from not only current students, but from alumni and future students as well….and it’s powerful. As a cheerleader, one of your main responsibilities is to create and inspire school spirit at games, pep rallies, community events and competitions. You can expect to be a part of the following fun activities. School Spirit For Any Game The two most common sports games that cheerleaders perform at are football and basketball.These two sports have some pretty big differences that you need to keep in mind! Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the major differences that you should consider when planning your cheers and stunts, and when picking your uniforms. Pep Rallies: Show You’re Proud By Being Loud! The pep rally: A united community. A roaring crowd. The smell of anticipated victory. An excuse to get out of class. A cheerleader’s stage. Check out the pep rally overview if you are a cheerleader that is venturing in to your first pep rally this school year. If you are an old pro, but might need some help with fresh ideas, well you can just skip down to the tips section! Game Time! Are You Ready To Cheer? You suit up. You rush the field. You yell your heart out. Welcome to your first game as a cheerleader! Getting ready to attack the field or hit the floor to cheer at your first game? Don’t be nervous! You love cheering! Look to your teammates for support, and check out these tips to help you prepare. Download your FREE copy of the guide now to access all the tips!

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