7 Signs You’re Never Going to Get Over Your Cheerleading Days

by omni

Even if you make a career out of cheerleading, there is nothing like your days on your school or gym squad. The Friday night lights, the cute uniforms, making jaws drop, doing everything together…it was the time of your life! Things do get a lot better when you grow up and don’t have homework and curfews and get to make your own rules (Ice cream for dinner, anyone?), but you will always look back fondly on your cheerleading days. Cheerleading isn’t just something you get over! Here are seven signs you’re always going to be a cheerleader at heart: You still find a way to fit cheer bows into your outfits. The bigger the bow the better the cheerleader! (Source: tumblr.com) All your daydreams involve cheerleading. And you are amazing in them. (Did you really use to be that good? Yes, probably. Don’t question it.) (Source: tumblr.com) You put on your cheer uniform when no one is around. You know, just to watch TV and stuff like a totally normal person. Hey, if the skirt fits… (Source: giphy.com) You randomly break into cheers in public places. If your song comes on in a public place, it’s on. There’s no stopping you. (And of course you remember every part of the routine.) You aren’t the least bit embarrassed when the above happens and you have no choice but to do your routine in the cereal aisle. (Source: tumblr.com) You find yourself watching your younger friends at games and competitions and cheering along in the stands. Will they just call you down there already?? (Source: giphy.com) When you invite your friends over to hang out, this is what you have in mind. They know who to call for a good time. (Source) Fortunately, you never have to get over your cheerleading days because once a cheerleader always a cheerleader! What signs tell you you will never get over your cheerleading days?

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