6 Ways to Stay Motivated This Summer

by omni

You likely started your summer break with the best of intentions to get so much accomplished, like getting in shape before the fall cheerleading season starts. But then TV and lawn chairs and ice cream trucks distract you and steal your motivation. You can get it back though! Here are six ways to get your motivation back and conquer your summer fitness goals: Sneak your workouts into your other activities. If you know you should be working out, but you are in the middle of a really intense TV marathon, you can still make it work by planning a commercial break workout. Every commercial break, do a different exercise. The first one could be 15 pushups, the second 30 squats, the third one-minute front and side planks, the fourth 20 lunges, and so on. If you’re on a Netflix binge and don’t have commercial breaks, you’re not off the hook. Make a workout game. Pick things that happen in your show. If you’re binge watching Friends, for example, do 10 pushups every time Joey says “How you doin’? ” and 15 jump squats every time Monica cleans something. Make a similar workout game for whatever show you’re watching. Make an inspiration board. This can contain pictures, quotes, goals, anything that makes you want to go out and reach for the stars. Maybe you have a picture of your team winning a competition last season that makes you want to work really hard to defend your title. Maybe there’s an athlete you look up to who makes you want to put in the work required to be great. Put her picture on your board! When you’re done creating it, put it in your room or any place you will see it often. Leave yourself inspiring notes. This is similar to the motivation board, but more spread out. Use sticky notes or small pieces of paper to write inspiring quotes or messages on and spread them around your room or house. Tell everyone your goals. Accountability is a huge factor in sticking to a workout plan. If your friends and family know that you are trying to reach a fitness milestone or stick to a particular workout plan, not only can they remind and encourage you, but you’ll also push yourself harder knowing that other people are watching. Find a workout buddy. When you combine hanging out with your friends and working out, you’re more likely to make time to exercise‚ and truly enjoy it! You don’t even have to do a traditional workout‚ plenty of fun summer activities double as workouts, like hiking, swimming, and bike riding. Make it a routine. Here’s the thing: If you decide at a certain point that you are going to do something every day, that takes the burden of decision off you. That means you don’t have to think to yourself, “Should I do a quick workout or skip it today and go to the mall? ” because you already made the decision weeks ago. You don’t have to decide it now and potentially give into temptation. Just get out there and stick to your routine. What helps you stay motivated during summer break?

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