5 Ways Cheerleading Teaches Kindness

by omni

Cheerleading instills confidence, teamwork, and work ethic in athletes. If you want a strong, capable leader, find a cheerleader. But, did you know cheerleading also makes you a more compassionate, caring person? Here’s how: You protect your teammates no matter what. Bases and backspots put it all on the line to protect their flyers, and a flyer will appreciate, encourage, and support her bases and backspot even outside the gym. Cheerleaders have each other’s backs! They are trained to think about people other than themselves. You think about how your actions affect other people. The way we act causes a ripple affect. Cheerleaders are especially aware of this since cheerleading is such a team sport. You can’t just not show up to practice, for instance, because your absence affects the whole team. Your actions‚ both big and small‚ affect people outside of cheerleading as well. Since you know this firsthand, you are considerate of your family, friends, and other people around you. You strive to be a role model. Cheerleaders are often in the spotlight. Because of this, they strive to be good representatives of their team and school and to set a good example for the younger kids looking up to them. You raise spirit. You support your sports teams through the big wins and the heart-breaking losses. You work hard to get the crowd on its feet and excited about the game. You also spread school spirit with pep rallies and spirited signs and banners. Raising spirits is second nature to you! You give back. In addition to giving back to your school and teams, cheerleaders also make a big difference in their communities. Many squads participate in parades, festivals, and other community events. You might also raise awareness or even donations for causes that are important to you, like wearing pink in October to support breast cancer awareness. How else does cheerleading make you more caring? (Images via Pinterest.com)

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