5 Things to Love About Cheerleading

by omni

We love so many things about cheerleading! From teammates and trips to cheers and chants, there is a lot to love! We could spend days naming everything we love about cheer, but we narrowed it down to five. Here are our top five reasons to love cheerleading: The uniforms. We don’t want to be rude, but our uniforms are just better than other sports’ uniforms. There’s so much variety, color, style, and sometimes even sparkle! The best days of your cheer career are when you see that box in your coach’s office and know that your new uniforms have arrived. It’s the Christmas morning of cheerleading. (Source: Giphy.com) The athleticism. There really isn’t much to say about this, except: (Source: tumblr.com) (Source: tumblr.com) (Source: gifboom.com) The spirit. We’ve got spirit, yes, we do. It’s a common misconception that we go around saying that all the time, but it is completely true that we put tons of spirit behind everything we do. Have you seen the stunts, passes, and routines we do? You have to be behind it body, mind, and soul. (Source: spylight.com) The glitter. We love the glitter, glam, sparkle, and shine that comes along with cheerleading. Life is boring without shiny things! (Source: tumblr.com) The adrenaline rush. You know the feeling you get at the top of the highest slide at the water park or as you’re inching your way up on a roller coaster, about to drop? Yeah, now multiply that by about 10. (If you’re confused, see #2). (Source: rebloggy.com) We could go on and on and talk about how much we love learning new routines and working with such a great group of people, but we want to hear what you love most about cheerleading! Let us know in the comments!

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