5 Reasons Why Cheerleading Pyramids are AWESOME

by omni

All cheerleading stunts are pretty cool, and some are downright mind-blowing to watch. Even if you’re not on a Level 5 team (or a competitive team at all), most cheer teams do some kind of stunting in one way or another. One very common stunt is the pyramid: flyers get hoisted and flung into the air by their base companions, and, after some bells and whistles, hit a final motion to let spectators soak it all in. But, pyramids are unique because you can change them up from routine to routine, and find creative ways to make them match routine music. Since pyramids are so special, here are five reasons why we know they land at the top of your favorite stunt list. 1. Pyramids pump the crowd up. [Source: Giphy] Every time your stunt group starts assembling, the crowd knows what’s coming next. The music is building in your cheer mix, you’ve got the crowd’s attention, now lock and load with that jaw-dropping pyramid! The more inventive you are launching into the pyramid, the more you hear the crowd roar! 2. Pyramids bring the team together. [Source: Giphy] You can’t just do a pyramid by yourself‚ it requires everyone’s combined effort. Throughout the routine, you could break away from your teammates while you tuck and tumble, but once you get to the pyramid stunt, everyone comes back together. It takes the whole team to nail the timing too, in order for the stunt to be successful and safe! If there were definitive moments of trust between cheer teammates, pulling off a pyramid would be one of them. 3. Pyramids boost creativity. [Source: Giphy] There are so many ways to jump into a pyramid‚ literally. You can ball-up into one, you can roly-poly, you can up and over‚ the list goes on and on. And, the more full out you go, the more response you get from spectators! Want to nail that competition score? Do a pyramid combo that’s never been done before! Watch as the judges’ eyes pop out. 4. Pyramids scream school spirit. [Source: Giphy] Have a sideline team? Pyramids are advanced enough to take Friday Night Lights to the next level, but not too dangerous or complicated to veto altogether. Advanced stunting is usually not a staple of sideline teams, because the sophistication and precision it requires can turn dangerous FAST. Most schools don’t want to take the risk. That being said, pyramids can be pulled back to a beginner or an intermediate skill level fit for most sideline teams. Add in some school-spirited signs for your flyers to hold, and you have the halftime routine in the bag! 5. Pyramids are fun! [Source: Giphy] Some stunts are stressful and scary to accomplish, but pyramids are the one thrill you can easily get hooked on. Bases band together and flyers soar‚ all in perfect unity. There’s no better feeling than pulling off a successful stunt, no matter the level of your cheer team. Plus, if you teach your siblings correctly, pyramids are a great way to scare your parents silly in your backyard. Why else do you love pyramids? Have you pulled off a unique pyramid? Tell us in the comments!

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