4 Ways You’re Wasting Team Money, And How To Stop

by omni

Cheerleading can be an expensive sport for team members, but there are ways that coaches can help them save money on their apparel. Your team is working hard to fundraise for their cheerleading gear, so it’s important that you stretch those dollars as far as you can. Here are a few mistakes that a coach might make that can end up wasting team money: #1: Not ordering fit-kits Most cheerleading apparel companies offer coaches the option of ordering a fit-kit to help them determine the right sizes for their team. Fit-kits include a sample of each size offered in a style, and often also include a color swatch. Using a fit-kit, coaches can have each cheerleader try on the samples so that the best fit can be determined for everyone before the final order is placed. #2: Not ordering early Most companies that sell in stock cheerleading apparel release their newest designs in the winter or early spring. This means that there is no reason you should waiting until late summer to place your team’s order. You can often find specials and promotions if you order early, and save your team hundreds of dollars. The worst part about waiting until the last minute can be summed up in two words: shipping charges. If you end up on a tight deadline and have to expedite your shipping to get it before your first performance, you’ll be putting a big burden on your team’s finances. #3: Not price shopping The first step in ordering your cheer team’s uniforms is finding a style that you love. Once you find that style though, you shouldn’t stop looking. Instead, you should start looking for similar styles at other companies, to make sure you get the best price. You can even order one uniform from several companies so you can compare the quality of each. #4: Not asking about packages and team pricing Cheerleading uniform providers understand that coaches aren’t ordering for individual; they are ordering for a team. Many companies will offer a package deal that includes everything a cheerleader needs, from toe to bow, at a reduced price or with a free gift. Some offer team pricing on select items, like shoes. You can also ask about quantity or loyalty discounts. Sign up to receive emails from the companies that you would order from, so that you’ll get notified about their current specials. What ways do you help your team save money? Leave your tips in our comments section!

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