3 Reasons to Hug Your Cheer Mom Right Now

by omni

First off, if you are a cheer mom, a soccer mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work-two-jobs mom, or you have two moms‚ all moms deserve respect! Let’s start by mentioning how she gave you life, so you kind of owe her everything. Second, you have probably been a jerk to her more than a few times, but she loves you unconditionally, even though you may have hurt her. And, lastly, moms are badass, period. So, here are a few reasons why cheer moms deserve respect. 1. Moms are unpaid Uber drivers. How do you think you get from one place to another? Without your mom, you would not be on the team. She may not be able to stay and hang out during practice all the time, but she sure does get you there and pick you back up! Not only that, she often carpools you and all your teammates to games. You sit around, chatting and having a blast; your mom‚ not so much. I hate to burst your bubble, teenage girls, but you sometimes get a tad annoying, especially when your favorite song coming on the radio. It’s not just competitions, either: she picks you up and drops you off at school, the mall, school dances, etc. I cannot remember how many times that I got picked up from concerts around midnight by my mom‚ So, before that two-hour carpool ride up to a competition gets underway, buy your mom a cup of coffee, say a quick “thank you’, or even just give her a silent hug. She will love it! 2. Moms come prepared. It is called a “mom bag’ for a reason: we have water, snacks, bobby pins, a full makeup kit, a wardrobe change, and sometimes, if you wish really hard for them, things just appear. Need a tissue? Got one. Need makeup remover? Got that, too. As a mom, I may not be able to ever find my own sunglasses, but I brought two pairs for my kid‚ you know, just in case one breaks. We may have left our own coffee sitting on the kitchen table, but you sure brought enough snacks to feed an army. The sad truth of the “mom bag’ is that it usually also comes with a “mom car,’ which includes pillows, blankets, and a full cooler of snack and drinks. Moms are crazy, but that is because for some reason, we think you may starve or become slightly dehydrated at any moment. If your mom is anything like my mom, she also made homemade cookies. WHEN DID SHE FIND THE TIME? So, next time your mom busts out snacks, be sure to give her a little “thank you,’ because she is always thinking about you over herself. 3. Your mom is your biggest fan. You might think your mom looks ridiculous in her “cheer mom’ t-shirt and her own set of pom poms, but she is proud of you! When you become a mom, it is like you heart grows seven sizes bigger‚ you feel things and love like you never have before. “Mama Bear’ is right: moms are fiercely protective of their children, and even though you might think she is doing too much sometimes, or getting too involved, she means well. Give her this one; let your mom be a little too excited about a competition, let her be proud of you, and let her know that you appreciate it. It might seem embarrassing right now, but when you look back on these days, you will remember all the friends you gained from cheering and all the hard work you put into it. Winning or losing or almost making it, you will also remember how you got to share your cheerleading experience with your mom. You might be so embarrassed that she had “cheer mom’ bedazzled onto her t-shirt and that she looks like a stereotypical crazy cheer mom in the stands, but when you have your own kids, you will do the exact same thing‚ in the exact same sparkly “cheer mom’ shirt. So, give your mom a hug today just because moms do a lot, and do not get a lot of credit. “It’s just what moms do’, you might say, but truth is, she did not have to‚ she wanted to, for you. It is always about you, so today, for one day, make it about your mom. She loves you, and at least for one day, make it about her and show her how much she means to you. Moms don’t need a lot, but letting you her know that she is doing a good job and that you love her will go a long way. Why else do cheer moms deserve respect? Share how you love you cheer mom in the comments!

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