10 Terms That Have a Differerent Meaning for Cheerleaders

by omni

The cheer world is a wonderful place. Outside of it, some things happens that surprise and confuse us. Not everyone collects bows or obsessively works on their flexibility. These so-called “regular people” also use some of our cheer words to mean very different things. Here are 10 examples of words that mean something different to cheerleaders: Apparently Top Gun is also the name of a popular movie about fighter jets starring Tom Cruise. Who knew? Still not as cool as this: Sleeping outdoors in a fabric shelter called a tent is an activity regular people refer to as “camp. ” We hear they sing songs around a campfire sometimes, so that is at least slightly similar to learning cheers. Slightly. If only they knew how serious camp really is…(Source: Buzzfeed.com) “Pyramids” is also used to describe pretty impressive formations built by ancient civilizations. (Source: Wikipedia) Similarly, we have been told that sometimes the term “bow and arrow ” is used in reference to a weapon older cultures used for hunting, recently popularized by the Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence cheered in high school, so no hard feelings about this one. Facials aren’t really used to the same extent we are accustomed to in most people’s daily lives. So weird. They do, however, go to spas and get treatments called “facials ” that are supposed to be good for your skin. That sounds nice, but cheer facials are hard to beat. Some people go to Disney World and Disneyland just to ride rides and meet characters. Crazy, right?! Hopefully they plan their trip well so they can at least catch a good cheer competition, too. (Source: Tumblr.com) A secondary definition for “extensions ” is something people add to their hair to make it longer. We’re all probably aware of this one, but hair still isn’t the first thing we think of when we hear “extension.” Some buildings are called gyms, but they don’t even have mats. What’s the point?! A needle is also a small, sharp tool used for sewing. That’s where the phrase “finding a needle in a haystack ” comes from. We could definitely pull a needle while standing on top of a haystack‚ just FYI. You don’t even want to know about the non-cheer “scorpions. ” What other words and phrases have you encountered that mean something different outside of the cheer world? (GIFs via Giphy.com)

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