Would You Use an Online Funding Platform to Fundraise?

by omni

We’ve previously discussed how social media makes fundraising much easier. Thanks to the Internet, you can share details about your fundraiser with the entire world in a matter of seconds. While we’ve always valued Twitter, Facebook, and blogs as fundraising methods, we never considered outside funding platforms (like Kickstarter) until we saw a cheerleading family put it into action. First, what is a funding platform? The most popular one you may have heard of is Kickstarter. Kickstarter allows individuals or groups to raise funds via crowd funding for a “project.” The project will include details on what you’re raising money for and how much you’re trying to raise. Some will include incentives for donating, like a thank you card or a gift. People will donate if they feel your project is for a good cause (hence, crowd funding). On Indiegogo, a similar funding website, a cheer family in Canada is giving this new fundraising method a go. Two sisters, Layne and Shaye (ages 12 and 15) are raising money to help pay for their cheer program fees. Their family is struggling to pay for cheer fees but both girls want to keep cheering. For both girls, this one year of cheer will cost them $7,000 (for everything from cheer gear to choreography classes). What makes this story special is that both girls struggle with a disability. Layne has a learning disability, while Shaye has Crohn’s Disease. Part of the goal of the fundraiser is to show that cheerleading can change lives, as it has for these two sisters. While both struggle in their daily lives, they succeed in and enjoy cheerleading. These girls refuse to give up and are hoping individuals will donate. If they raise more than they need, they’ll share any extra funds with their teammates. So far, they’ve raised almost $2,000 out of the $7,000 they need. The fundraiser ends on November 22, 2013. Check out the video the girls included on their fundraiser page: If you would like to learn more about or donate to these girls’ fundraiser, click here. You can also visit Kickstarter’s website or Indiegogo’s website to learn more about how the funding platforms work. Would you consider using a funding platform? What’s your preferred way to fundraise for cheerleading?

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