What’s in Your Competition Bag? Packing Must-Haves

by omni

Just like camp in the summer, competitions require smart packing. You can’t just throw a few things into your travel bag like you would for practice. But while you only pack once for camp, you’ll be frequently packing and traveling during competition season (which runs for several months!). First, before you can pack, you need a bag to carry everything! The two most popular options are backpacks and duffle bags. Here are our two favorite travel bags – Chasse’s Weekender backpack (which is a fan favorite and well-loved by Maddie Gardner and the Superstars of All Stars) and the Chasse Sport Travel Bag. The Chasse Weekender is $25.95, available at Campus Teamwear, and the Chasse Travel Sport duffle bag is only $16.95 at Omni Cheer. Both of them have separate compartments so you can organize your gear and keep everything protected. They’re also roomy enough for a lot of gear but still lightweight. A good travel rule is to make a check list a few days before you pack so you have time to add items you may have forgotten. Here are a few items that will help you get started making your list: Medications or pain relievers you need Braces and/or wraps Your team uniform Accessories (including your hair bow, makeup, hair products, and poms) Warm-ups An extra pair of practice wear Socks and performance shoes Eye care (glasses, contacts, cases, and cleaners) If you’re traveling more than a couple hours, you may also want to pack a travel pillow, blanket, and sandals to wear until you have to change. Don’t forget extra clothes, socks and footwear; for casual hanging out, sleeping or special events. If you have extra accessories, bring those too in case one of your teammates forgets something! One thing you definitely shouldn’t bring with you is expensive or sentimental jewelry or accessories. Don’t take the risk of losing or breaking it. Also, it’s always a good idea to pack cash in your bag. You never know when an emergency will happen! Don’t forget money for food, snacks, souvenirs, or anything else. If you’re the captain, you may also be in charge of carrying a copy of the music for your routine. If possible, make a few backup copies for others to carry, as well. Now, let’s hear from the people who know best: you! We asked our readers and social media fans to share with us what their competition must-haves are and here is what some of them had to say: “A LOT of glitter!” – Reagan “Extra comfy clothes, blankets, pillows, and always snacks.” – Heather “iPads and pillow pets.” – April “iPhone, iPad, munchies, juice, and good music.” – Gemma “Hairspray, sewing kit, and stitch witchery!” – Cheree “Wipes!” – Tania “Got2b Glued Freeze Spray and bobby pins!” – Tammy “Aussie Freeze It hairspray and enough glitter makeup to share.” – Sarah “Bobby pins!” – Mary Keep the list going! What do you always take with you to competitions?

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