What We Know (So Far) About the 3rd Season of “Secret Diary”

by omni

We’re big fans of the Cheer Channel web series, Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader. We’ve been keeping up with the news about the upcoming third season and thought we’d share with you what we know (so far). From what we’ve heard and read, it should the best season yet! The season’s title is “First Crush.” I think we can all fairly guess this means there will be some dating drama, either at school or (gasp!) on the cheer team! Chasse is presenting the show. This season is presented by the cheerleading company Chasse. What does that mean? It means we’ll see a lot of Chasse items. The cast will be decked out in Chasse practice wear, warm-ups, accessories, and uniforms. Speaking of uniforms… There’s been a lot of buzz about the Chasse uniforms the cast will be wearing on the show, mainly that they’re from Chasse’s new sublimation line! We’re excited to see these uniforms in action and on camera, as they’re pretty cute from the photos we’ve seen. There will be a great soundtrack. It was recently announced that Cheerleading Dance Music will provide the soundtrack. Cheerleading Dance Music is known in the cheer industry for providing a variety of high-quality cheer and dance mixes. We’re excited to see what they put together for the competition scenes! Casting and auditions is finalized. We recently saw on Cheer Channel’s Twitter that auditions are over and casting decisions have been made. We’re excited to see who will be the stars of the show. Expect to see familiar faces. While we don’t know all the cast members, we do know there will be appearances from some popular cheer faces, namely several members from the 2013 Cheer Channel Superstars of All Stars! We’ve heard Jennifer Burke buzzing, so we’re hoping she’s part of the cast. Expect to see the first episode soon. According to a recent press release, the first episodes will be released over Memorial Day weekend. That means we’re only a month or so away from the big premiere! Do you watch Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader? What’s your favorite cheer show?

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