What are your pre-performance traditions?

by omni

St. Patrick’s Day is next week, which has us thinking of the rituals and traditions cheerleaders perform before games and competitions for good luck. Whether you think it actually brings you luck or not, having rituals you do before a performance can help calm your nerves, get you pumped up, give you confidence, or bond you and your teammates before you go hit your routine. Pre-game or -competition traditions can be as simple as always putting on your right shoe first or wearing a lucky sports bra, or as intricate as that handshake you do with your best friend. We asked some of your favorite cheerleaders from Cheer Channel’s Superstars of All-Stars what they do before games or competitions. Here’s what they shared: “Every time before I compete, I pray and tap the competition floor right when I get on it.” ~Cayce Whitlock Backspot, Level 5 “We have a praying circle. If it’s a two-day competition, I try to do everything I did on the first day of competition.” ~Hope Bravo Flyer/Base, Level 5 “I always pray before I compete, I always wear a hair tie on my right wrist, and I do a handshake with my best friend, Katie.” ~Aubrey Vandermolen Flyer, Level 5 “Before competing, my team has a spoon full of honey and a clementine for a boost of energy and to clear our throats.” ~Catherine Ralston Main base, high school cheerleader “I always have to close my eyes, play my competition music, and picture us hitting a perfect routine.” ~Baylee Kinsey Flyer/Secondary Base, Level 5 What are your pre-game or -competition traditions?

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