We Know You Secretly Love Learning New Stunts, and This Is Why‚

by omni

Being a cheerleader is challenging, and there’s always opportunity for improvement. No matter what level you’re at, you can be better. The same motions over and over make you feel comfortable and reassured about cheering, but then the unexpected happens‚ your coach throws a wrench in the routine with new stunts. The change-up means long practice hours, extra brainpower and coordination when you go full out, and heightened measures of faith that your stunt group will all be attentive so that no one ends up broken or busted. If you’re a flyer, this can sound terrifying, yet strangely stimulating. New ways to fly? What fun! If you’re a base, you automatically envision all the novel ways you can get kicked in the face‚ yet you’re determined to not let that happen. Since your mind starts racing at the mention of new stunts, these are the three main reasons why you secretly love to learn them at the same time. Danger is your middle name. Don’t tell your coach that (or your parents), but the element of impending danger makes learning a new stunt all the more enjoyable to do. You feel rebellious against gravity, against your body’s limits, against the cheer industry itself! What if no one has ever done a stunt like this before? Let’s make history happen, people! Obviously, you need to stay safe and take all the necessary precautions at practice while you work to conquer the stunt in order to not fall, break, or die. If you feel that your group isn’t at the level it needs to be before a run-through, tell your coach ahead of time to avoid hurting each other. The key to mastering stunts is working in baby steps, not biting off more than you can chew and ending up choking. Pain is progress. Throughout the time you work on a new stunt, you feel it EVERYWHERE. Your legs and arms burn more than they have in a long time, and anyone addicted to fitness will be thrilled! You’re getting more in shape than you already are because stunts require you to build up certain muscles. Yeah, you probably have way more bruises than normal and you might be terrified when your coach says to run it through again, but that’s all part of the process. You know that no stunt is too difficult to accomplish when your team is dedicated to the task. So what if you get some scrapes along the way, the end result is going to awe the masses! There’s no “I’ in “NEW STUNT’. Cheerleading is one of the most team-oriented sports in existence, one that requires everyone to be on point and working together in order to pull it off. When you’re on a cheer team, it’s nice to be reminded exactly how much you have to rely on your teammates; this is especially evident when you are asked to execute something you’ve never done before. Training for advanced stunting draws you closer to your teammates through communication and trust, which ultimately creates a better bond all-around. There aren’t any words to describe the exhilaration you get when you hit every mark in a performance and the final stunt you’ve been working so hard on makes the crowd erupt. What else do you secretly love about learning new stunts? What stunting tips do you have for cheer teams as they practice? Let us know in the comments!

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