Voting Open: When Does Your Team Start Fundraising?

by omni

Cheerleading Blog’s 2013 initiatives were designed to get the opinions of the real experts – our readers! As part of our 2013 schedule, we’ll be posting a new cheerleading poll every month and making it open to your voting! Check the newest poll, and be sure to cast your vote! Once you cast your vote, you’ll be able to see the most current cheer trends and results. Be sure to check our polls every month, and to cast your vote! The full results for each poll will be available the following month in its own blog article. Fundraising for cheerleading is a vital part of many programs! Teams spend their nights and weekends thinking of great fundraising ideas, then executing those ideas. Cheerleaders fundraise for summer camp attendance, admission fees for competitions, and for their regular season. It seems neverending! Which got us thinking about when teams start their fundraising efforts. Sorry! This poll is no longer open for voting. View the results here.

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