VIDEO: TLC To Air New (Controversial?) Cheer Show

by omni

WILL YOU WATCH? Television network TLC will premiere ‘Cheer Perfection’ this July, claiming it is a behind-the-scenes look at competitive cheerleading. The show follows the owners, members and cheer moms of Cheer Time Revolution gym. Premiere Information Date: Wednesday, July 11th Time: 10:00 pm EST Channel: TLC (check your local listings) Early comments on the Huffington Post story are not very positive, claiming the show will be a ‘disgusting sensationalize’ in the style of other TLC and Lifetime shows like ‘Toddlers in Tiaras’ and ‘Dance Moms’. Check out the sneak peek video below, then leave your comments to let us know if you think this show will be good or bad for cheerleading! Here’s a breakdown of the show’s set-up, from the Huffington Post sneak peek article: Ann, the mother of Torrann, sees herself as the top of the gym’s pecking order. Passionate about winning, her perspective is, “I don’t spend all this money to lose.” Bonnie, new to the gym, is the mother of Alana. She is determined to make Alisha notice her daughter, which could lead to a rivalry with Ann. Mandy, the mother of Olivia, puts her faith in Alisha to make her daughter a top cheerleader. Shannon, the mother of Brooke, finds herself caught between her desire to win and her fear for her daughter’s injured back.

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