[VIDEO] This Cheer Squad is an Inspiration!

by omni

Cheerleading isn’t just about tumbling and jumping; it’s about spirit and inspiring the crowd. The cheerleaders and coaches at New Brighton Middle School, in northern California, are proof that you can inspire the crowd and each other. 13-year-old Sarah Hill has Down Syndrome, but that has never stopped her from dreaming of being a cheerleader. That dream came true when the cheerleading coach invited her to join the team. Her thirty teammates have welcomed her with open arms, helping her along the way. While admitting that it’s been hard work, she’s loving her new position on the team. According to the coach, the team has become stronger and closer since Sarah joined. Hill will soon put on her cheerleading uniform and perform during halftime at a Santa Cruz Warriors basketball game. Watch the video below and be inspired! Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Did this story of Sarah Hill inspire you? How does your squad build team spirit? News source: WCHS6 News

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