Tips For Flyers: How To Do a Liberty For Cheerleading

by omni

The liberty (or lib) is a basic cheerleading stunt that is used by flyers in several base positions including the prep, a full and a double thigh stand. This is a general overview of the basic cheer motions of a liberty, from the ground. Once you have perfected the basic motions of the move, maximized your flexibility and gotten your balance in check, you can start practicing doing a lib in the air. How to Do A Liberty Step 1: Start by standing straight with her legs together, her feet flat on the ground and her arms at her sides. Step 2: Bend your left leg and point your toes, pulling your knee up toward your chest until your toes reach your right leg’s knee. Step 3: At the same time, extend your arms into a High V motion (where your arms are raised at a 45-degree angle from your head, your hands are in fists with your thumbs facing out, pinkies facing back). Tips Once you have the basic motions, practice hitting them while standing on a smaller, elevated surface to prep performing a lib in the air with a cheer stunt group. Video tape yourself performing the motions. Watch it with your team mates, coach and mentor so they can help you pinpoint any problem areas. When performing a stunt, a flyer should always keep her knees locked and her legs straight so that the bases can hold her up. Proper posture is also essential for flyers. A flyer should always practice keeping her back straight so she isn’t in the habit of leaning forward or backward. Keeping smooth arm motions is vital for balance. One trick is to hold onto your shorts when you are going up into the air to keep your arms in control and your overall body stable.

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